Detox with the Doctor 1/12/19 - Chico

Detox with the Doctor - 10 Day Cleanse.  Are you interesting in detoxing? Come learn more about Orenda's Clean Shape Burn 10 day Cleanse. Attending does not commit you to doing the cleanse.  You are welcome to come learn more about detoxing with out any pressure to do the cleanse.

Cleansing can support all the major systems of the body. We are now exposed to the 80,000 chemicals that have been created in the last couple of decades.  More than 800 of those chemicals are known hormone disruptors that create chaos in the body.  Inflammation is rampant in our society, as is chronic pain. This is an opportunity to cleanse your cells with Orenda's simple, easy to follow Clean, Burn, Shape 10 day Cleanse. It comes with a hand out, website full of recipes and a complete shopping list. This cleans is not a starvation program.  You will not be miserable or hungry and it helps to get into your DNA, to start craving the right kinds of foods. Toxins are stored in the fat and the detox reduces your sugar cravings.

Hear from a Doctor the importance of regular cellular detoxification.  The major organs of the body responsible for detoxification are liver, kidneys and skin. Dr. Lu will share knowledge and research on the latest in Functional Medicine.  Join us to learn more about optimizing and facilitating homeostasis in the mind and body.

This special event with MD. PhD Shanhong Lu will be held on 

Saturday, January 12th, 2019


Breathe Yoga Studio

830 Broadway 

Downtown Chico



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