Medium Training - March 22-28, 2019

Register by Janurary 31, 2019 and save $100.00.

mk will be training new mediums @ Breathe Yoga & Wellness Studio in Chico, CA.  This course is not for the energy novice. Knowledge or work in the metaphysical field required. Intuitives, psychics, healers and other light workers with experience in meditation, chakras, and other energy work are invited. This is the opportunity to add mediumship to your skill set.  Work with mk for a week and learn the foundation and fundamentals of being a medium, with lots of opportunity to get insights and answers about being a medium and exercise your new ability in this week long course. 

Schedule of events:

Friday 3/22/19  5-7p - Meet and Greet with new Mediums

Saturday 3/23/19 10a-5p - Mediumship History, Fundamentals, Symbols, Tuning Your Body

Sunday 3/24/19  12-5p - Class Readings

Monday 3/25 6-8p - One on One Readings

Tuesday 3/26 6-8p - Platform Reading

Wednesday 3/27 6-8p - Public Readings

Thursday 3/28 6-8p - Mediums Q & A, Class Recap, Feedback




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