Oligo Scan Jan 10&11 2019 - Chico

Doctor Shanhong Lu, MD PhD.  Dr. Lu is a 3rd generation female medical doctor, an international speaker for environmental health. In addition to internal medicine, she has specialized training in functional medicine and hormones and is driven to share hidden causes behind chronic sickness today.  Dr. Lu is passionate about educating people and empowering them to awaken the doctors within. Dr. Lu is coming to Breathe Yoga Studio and offering Oligo Scans, January 10th-12th. This hands on, needle free Oligo Scan reads 20 minerals (including iodine), and 14 heavy metals.  It reads the oxidative stress by product levels and your antioxidants protection. The Oligo Scan is...
  •  A way to detect deficiency/excess in minerals and potential toxic metal poisoning
  •  A comprehensive and customized assessment aiming to optimize your  healthcare approach.
  • Via email, you will receive immediate results of your scan.  
  • Please note you need your blood type. If you don't know it you can add it to the test for an additional $25.00. Select that option at the top.

This event will be held @

Breathe Yoga Studio

830 Broadway

Downtown Chico

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