3D Aura & Chakra Scan

The new AuraCloud 3D Aura & Chakra Scan will be at Urban Medspa, Wednesday May 23rd 2018 4-7pm.  If you have had Aura photos in the past you will want to check out the latest in technology.  Receive an AuraSim Image photo print and via email a 13 page AuraScript Report that includes.....

Your Aura color break down and meaning.  The qualities and characteristics associated with your main aura color. How it effects your mind and body, social life, relationships and intimacy, career and finances, health, well-being and growth.  

The report will also include a Chakra Bar Graph and a break down of each individual chakra indicating a range of low, medium or high.

The report concludes with a mind-body-spirit graph. Aura power and wave, your yin-yang balance, relaxation and energy level.  

Come see your Chakras in 3D with Lisa of 3D Aura Imaging.  Pre booking required. Please schedule your appointment online by selecting a time slot.