Lucky March

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I went through a Murphy's Law stage in my early twenties. I loved and laughed about everything connected to Murphy's Law. Looking back and knowing what I know now, I realize that if you are expecting the worst to happen, of course that is what your are going to get. What you focus on grows! 
Those who have not grasped the reality that we co-create our world obviously haven't looked into the new science and quantum physics of it all.  At this point in my life, I don't just believe in the Law of Attraction, I know in the Law of Attraction! We live the Law of Attraction every single minute of every day. Denying the existence of the Law of Attraction is like fighting gravity.  So if you are feeling down on your luck or things just aren't coming together for you, try one of my lucky charms! Think thoughts and use words that bless people. Literally! When life gets bad, I really drive around and send blessings to other cars.  It's fun.  I think of myself as like the Pope Mobile and send out love to all those drivers that used to annoy me. Back in my youth then I wasn't blessing cars; it was the horn, middle finger and a lot of cursing. I was always expecting life to be an unpleasant experience and that is what I got.  
Use your thoughts and words to bless those around you. That plants seeds in the universe, and guess what you will get back?