about mk

In 2001 while working as an Interior Designer in a widow's home, MK had a profound mystical experience with a Spirit, that changed the trajectory of her everyday normal life and career. After this experience she decided to take the metaphysical world head on and made the conscious decision to study mediumship - the ability to communicate with the spirit world.

She has spent the last 18 years working in the metaphysical sciences as a professional Psychic Medium and Energy Teacher. MK is passionate about educating others on how psychic ability works within the body. She has trained others in the process of becoming a Medium.

People are surprised to hear her say, "Being a Medium is not a gift, it's an ability". Intuition, psychic ability and mediumship the ability to connect with spirit is within all of us. It is like a muscle or any other ability that we all have. Like those other abilities such as art, athletics or music, if you are passionate and willing to put in the time, work and practice the skill grows. "I worked hard to become a Medium. I did that because I saw the world needed a little help dealing with grief." After years of working to connect the living with the dead, MK expanded her readings to include elements of romance, career, health and other life choices to help spiritually guide her clients in a meaningful way.

MK looks to provide clients with insights, guidance and relief as they navigate the physical world. MK is available to assist via Mediumship, psychic readings, medical intuition, gallery readings and group events. Every soul has a unique journey and MK looks to support the spirit on its way. Get in touch with MK and ask your questions!