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Here are two authors who wrote about their Medium Reading with MK Winterstein - Read about their experience


Dreamscape in A minor + Judy Lauren

Karma Psychic (Page 257)

Twelve years after you died, I visited a medium, and one by one my children followed my lead. Her name is MaryKay which I first thought was a bad omen because I’m allergic to Mary Kay products. But on the day of my scheduled appointment, I took an extra long, hot shower to relax and prepare. I passed up breakfast and lunch instead drank two bottles of water. I was so incredibly nervous. I was shaking inside and couldn’t control my emotions. I sat in my car and waited in the parking lot. While there, I spoke to you Jeff: “Okay, I am going in there and if you want to tell me something, I’m open.”

I went upstairs and knocked on the plain white door. No answer. Fifteen minutes pass so I called her on her cell phone. She forgot. As far as signs go, this was a huge negative. How could someone with special skills as a medium forget? I reluctantly made a second appointment for the following day. I ate a hearty breakfast, threw on my blue jeans and a top, and headed over to her office. Hopefully, she’ll remember, I thought. MaryKay came in, introduced herself, lit some candles, and sat down. She was in her mid-30s and a natural beauty. She apologized for the previous day, began to stretch her neck and relax her body. She then looked towards me, actually towards my left shoulder, and the first words out of her mouth were, "There is a young man standing next to you. He has light sandy, gold hair, and he’s about 20. He’s very excited, over the top with joy, and he is very animated. He wants me to tell you that he has waited a long time for you to reach him. I see the letters J, no ff, Jeff.”
I replied, “Jeff.”

MaryKay expressed that she had never seen a spirit so excited. “He’s telling me to tell you it was an accident.” I was dumbfounded, and I was a little scared of the process. I began feeling a little anxious as I jotted notes very quickly and received long-awaited information through MaryKay‘s relayed messages. “He wants me to tell you ‘I’m okay, I’m in charge. I can do as I please and go where I want to go. I have the power I’ve always wanted.” I was quite stunned. MaryKay went on, he wants you to know you don’t have to be here; you already know what is going on. There’s no need for you to come back to see me because you could do this yourself. He wants you to know he is in a power powerful place and is watching his family. He asked me to tell you not to be so sad. Jeff also wants me to tell you to say “Hi" to Gene from him.
This is crazy, I thought. No one here knows Gene; he lives in another town. I finally spoke up and said out loud to Jeff so I could listen (if this is how it works), “ I can’t do that. Jeff has been gone from us for 12 years, his dad will think I’m crazy if I tell him Jeff says Hi.”

Next thing she told me, “Jeff says he has been watching David and likes what he’s doing.”

I was even more dumbfounded. It had been ten years or more since I’d spoken to David, the son I gave birth to and gave up for adoption when I was a teenager, and who now lives in Arkansas. I’d called him when Jeff died, and he called me back after he regained his composure to tell me that he’d gone out to his parent’s porch, sat on top of the steps, and cried like a baby for the brother he had just met and was just getting to know. Because MaryKay said Jeff liked what David was doing, I later phoned and asked David what he had been doing and explained about the medium. David told me he had been building condos in Branson, Missouri.

The medium spent over an hour with me, and the messages were from Jeff only. She said many older women, and a man, a tall man with gray hair, was standing there next to me, but Jeff wouldn’t let anyone else in. How had this message arrived from my deceased son to me, I wondered? There are so few people who know his real dad, and no one knows his older brother’s name. MaryKay was quick to continue. She said she was relaying messages to me quickly as this spirit was very active and has much more communication to share. She said, “He wants you to know he has Sheba with him too. He is very clear on his demands.” MaryKay continued by saying, “He wants you to be happy for him, not sad.” As she talked, I jotted notes as quickly as I could. I am now looking at my messy handwriting, and the disjointed phrases I’d scrawled on a yellow legal pad, as I type this for my book. My dad was never mentioned in the session, although I suspect he was the tall graying man next to me.

MaryKay miraculously picked up on one more detail. When I had a birthday, our family all met in Nevada City where we walked around town. Dana took her daughters into the fairy store and bought some fairy dust which she sprinkled on Audrey‘s head. MaryKay chuckled as she said, “Jeff wants me to tell you something very unusual. It makes me laugh, sorry. He wants me to tell you that he liked the fairy dust. Does that make any sense?” Oh yes, that makes perfect sense, I thought. When my session was over, MaryKay asked me if I was interested in working with her. She told me that I had potential to read and be clairvoyant. This didn’t surprise me as I can recall having visions of scenes that couldn’t have happened yet they indeed happened; but at that time I was too invested in my own quest. Plus I was shocked with this reading. I think the answered with a “maybe”.

She continued with “He wants you to refer to him as Uncle Jeff when talking to his nieces. He said he sees a male child in the future.” I thought at the time that meant Dana was going to have another child. Then just recently, Spencer and Cassie welcomed a baby boy into their lives.

Note to readers: I had never met MaryKay before. She didn’t even know my last name, or that I had children, and certainly knew nothing about my son who had passed on. Not even my closest friend knew Jeff’s father’s name was Gene. David was the baby taken from me when I was fifteen. His name was unknown to most of my friends at the time and this reading with MaryKay was before I wrote a book about David’s birth. I’m going through this with you so can you can grab the power of my medium visit.

Jeff, you then said, via MaryKay, to prove it was really you, “Remember the tractor and the baseball hat?” Jeff, one of my favorite photos is of you and Grandpa Harris coming down the drive from the orchard on a tractor, and you were wearing a baseball hat. You were about five years old.

After hearing about my experience, Dana went to see MaryKay a few weeks later. Her appointment was such an astounding and accurate exchange of information that we decided Spencer had to go visit MaryKay too. Indeed he did, but it took us two years to get him on board. He kept saying he was too busy. He was in college at the University of Nevada in Reno, a three-plus-hour drive away, and because of his studies and weekend job we had to wait. Dana and I didn’t nag him too much.

Well Jeff, when Dana sat down across from MaryKay, the medium looked at her (not knowing she was my daughter, and not knowing about your passing). She told Dana that she saw many ladies with gray hair around her, including one very short woman with curly hair and a little dog (this had to be Grandma Harris), and one with pure white hair (this had to be Marion), MaryKay said the woman with white hair was surrounded with gold and shiny crystals. (Remember Marion’s gold flocked wallpaper in the living room and dining room? And her chandeliers?) MaryKay said, “They are happy and want to visit, but there is a young man who won’t settle down. His spirit is taking over the session. He is a young man, fair-haired, and he says you are gullible. He tells me that when you were a young girl, he said for you to look into the hose and see why the water won’t come out, and then he turned it on.” Dana remembered that incident very well. MaryKay also asked Dana, “Do you remember a gray cat? He wants you to know he has your cat Helen (named after Mount Saint Helens). He also wants you to remember gathering crawdads. Then MaryKay said something extremely startling to Dana; this young man with light brown curly hair thinks you are doing a good job, as mother to his nieces. He loves his nieces and wants you to refer to him as uncle when you talk about him. Much more was said, which is private, but MaryKay really nailed it. Dana said she was amazed and naturally moved by your request, she stayed strong and listened carefully.

How could she know this stuff?

Spencer finally went in for his appointment. Two years we waited. Jeffery, your sister and mother are very tricky. Neither of us told her about our relationship with this new tall man who came in for a reading. Then, in walks Spencer. He said she lit some candles and he could smell incense. His reading is for the most part private, but the gist of it as follows: MaryKay told Spencer there was a young man next to him. “He wants you to know that he has been with you all the way. He was with you when you traveled to India. He, your brother, was with you each time you climbed a mountain and he sat next to you on the summit.” MaryKay also told Spencer, “Your brother walked across the stage with you when you graduated from college, and he wants you to thank you for living the life he would have wanted.” She said that you also really like Spencer’s girlfriend, (Cassie now his wife). Spencer was shocked and very open to her about your death, Jeff. She kept repeating that you really liked his girlfriend, and his dog, and that you are with him on all his travels.

The three readings of the medium-for me, for Dana, and for Spencer-each had a different feel. Mine was full of profound statements and requests, indicating you still order me around. Dana‘s reading was heartfelt, including many childhood memories as well as her life today, with a focus on her two daughters, their nieces, who will never meet you, their Uncle Jeff. Spencer’s reading stressed brotherly love and kinship in your activities, and was also very heartwarming.

All in all, MaryKay’s readings were so complex and full of personal information that I do believe she has a true gift and the ability to share these moments with your spirit with our family. I have tried to use my untrained ESP gifts, sometimes attempting to summon you while I’m feeling lonely. Nothing happens. But when I least expect it, your picture will be on the floor next to my bed, or I’ll get a message on the desk at work from a girl who “knows Jeff” and wants you to call her. This message appeared twenty-three years after your death! Or I will stumble onto a poem you wrote, or I’ll think I see you. I watch and wonder, and at the same instant, one of your favorite songs comes on the radio, You’re still the one. Maybe I’m looking for tiny droplets of hope through these sightings. It’s OK. I’m not hurting anyone. It’s my journey and my choice.

When I think of you, my son, as a spirit, the animated spirit, MaryKay encountered, I want to be happy, but I still have doubts. I just do. I have no idea how MaryKay knew all this information. I guess there is much we don’t understand in the universe and the spirit world. I was so wrong to think that a medium can’t forget things, such as my first appointment. I was also wrong to think that a medium can’t know the details of my life. Thank you, MaryKay. We are so lucky that you chose our town to open up your business and share your gift with us.

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Sometimes memories are all we have. + Shari Edwards

A Visit With Ted (Page 62)

On June 11, 2008, Ted had been gone for five years. He had crossed a bridge to another place. I had always followed wherever his earth path had led. This time I was left behind. Before he left, we entered into a covenant. Over the twenty-five years we were together I knew Ted as a believer of a metaphysical world~ a person who had understandings beyond mine. I was brought up as a Catholic, where, the afterlife of a human being, consisted of heaven, hell, and a place in between known as purgatory. Simply put, heaven was for very good people, hell was for very bad people, and purgatory was the waiting room for a decision.
Over the years, I accepted much of Ted’s thinking about that here after. After a surgery, Ted faced death and he later told me that the only reason he didn’t continue on to the beautiful place he saw was because he couldn’t leave his son or me. But, he never forgot that place and never feared going there. I made a promise that if I had an opportunity to reach him there I would. That opportunity came to me a few weeks ago when my sister and a friend went to see a medium named MaryKay in Chico. My sister, and her friend were absolutely nonbelievers in both the afterlife and reaching loved ones who passed over. For my sister, contact was made when both my parents and our cousin came through. My cousin explained how his plane had fallen from the sky into the Colorado River, ending his life, and that of his son. A gas line had broken. All assured her they were happy. My sister left a changed person.

When she told me about her experience, I knew that is what Ted would want me to do. So I called MaryKay and made an appointment for the following week. I was neither anxious nor expecting anything, but for some unknown reason I tucked the little heart necklace I always wear inside my shirt. I was simply ready for whatever came to me. My sister drove over with me.

MaryKay is located in a beautiful colonial style house on the Esplanade. Carole went to sit in the beautiful sitting room overlooking a meditation garden and I followed MaryKay up the steep staircase to a small room on the upper floor. A beautiful room. She asked me to sit across from her with a small round table between us. A holder with perhaps six or seven small candles sat on the table.

MaryKay asked whom I’d like to speak with to while she let the candles. I replied, “Ted.” She said he was there. She described him and I said, “Yes.” She said he was showing her a J and did that have any meaning to me? Not realizing that could refer to someone on the Earth plane I said, “Not particularly.” It was later I realized it was my daughter Julie who Ted adored and would expect me to know. She asked me if I might acknowledge or communicate with Ted through birds. I replied, “Yes.” In fact, his sister had told me that after he died a large hawk like bird rested in the bare limbs of a tree in her backyard for three days. She asked me if I ever felt a rush of air or a presence watching me. I said I had. I asked if he was with his brothers? She said, “Yes, he is and that makes him very happy.”

Then she said he was holding in his hands on his chest, indicating a health issue for me. She said it had to do with lungs and Ted wanted me to do more deep breathing. He said I wasn’t walking and I needed to walk more. I couldn’t connect with that, and I haven’t felt that kind of problem, but it was true, I had stopped walking.

Then she was getting the month of August. She asked if there were special birthdays in August and I said, “Yes my daughter and my granddaughter.”

Then she asked if I had a son. I said, “Yes.” She said he showed me a knife, a big knife. That one really threw me. A knife? She said he was getting excited and was making motions with his hands. She said he says it’s important. She said it was in a beaded sheath with fringe. But I couldn’t connect. She said the audio in their world is sometimes hard to make out, and she goes by what she is seeing. She said he showed her a wharf, a boat, water. I said that could be because he was in the navy. She said, “Yes,” he says he didn’t like the Navy.

She said, "are you planning to move?" I said “I’ve thought about it” and she said, "he wants you to move." I’m getting June, were you married in June? “Yes, that’s our wedding month.” “I see the number 30 will it be 30 years?” “Yes, he’s been gone for five years.” He wants you to go out to
dinner someplace nice and toast him.” “Does he know how much I loved him?” “Yes, he definitely says yes.” I ask, “Is he protecting all of us?” Her answer was, “Yes, but spirits have limitations, he does what he can.” He’s showing me a heart; “Did he give you a necklace?” “No, but I think it could be this one I’m wearing with a hole in it that he will fill when I join him. My daughter gave it to me.” I pulled it out and he said, “Yes” “He’s got his arms full of pink roses and he sending them to you with love, lots of love.” “We had Sonia Roses for our wedding and twenty-fifth anniversary and he gave me Sonia Roses for every anniversary.” I ask, “How does it feel being there?” His answer was, “Free.” “He’s showing me a crystal or gem stones. Showing me a mountain.” I ask, “Is it in Europe or Arizona?” She said, “No.” “I said, “Could it be Mount Shasta?” “Yes, he says, yes.” “He wants you to go back there this fall. Now he’s showing me a plains state.” I say, “Could it Mount Rushmore?” “He wants to go back there too. He wants you to know his illness had an outside cause. Something happened to him when he was young~ work related.” I knew he had worked with a lot of dangerous chemicals working for the oil companies in Oklahoma.

She asked me questions about children. He knew about Shelby, but she said he is holding a little boy’s face and told me I will have another grandson. He says the child will come forward. I had a concern for my great-grandson Gabriel and MaryKay showed some concern on her face. She said, “Gabriel is fractured right now, being pulled in two directions.” That was right on. She seemed to want to not speak of that anymore. We talked about the empty chair we always had at our family events and he said that honors them in the spirit world and he was thanking us for doing that. There are more questions and more answers all of them convincing me that we had made our connection, kept our covenant. When I asked what I should do, he said, Move on.” Then he faded from her site. The knife was bothering me, so I called my son and told him about the knife. He said, “Mom, it’s sitting on our bedroom television. Dad gave it to me.” When I talked to my son-in-law, he told me that Ted had spoken to him shortly before he passed and wanted Mike to be sure Sean got that knife. I knew nothing of this knife. I have no need to go back to MaryKay. I truly believe that Ted is happy and will be waiting for me when I walk over that bridge. I now stand in a circle of great peace with an armful of Sonja Roses and know that I am free to go on with my life.

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