What is Medical Intuition?

Medical Intuition is intended to be used as a tool of supplementary insight. It is particularly helpful for providing information regarding conditions that may have eluded traditional methods of diagnosis or comprehension.  It traces the nature and roots of conditions that have manifested themselves in physical discomfort and disease within a client's unique energy field. 

Medical Intuition is not a healing modality, rather a tool to give a portrait of what is going on in a client's body. It is an art of paying attention to gain insight into the symptoms of a client. A Medical Intuitive does not diagnose or offer healing recommendations.

The ability to intuitively scan or sense what is going on within another's physical body is not new at all. Many healing practitioners, intuitives, psychics, channellers, and people in general have been "tuning in" for centuries to gain insight as to what is going on within themselves and others. Medical Intuition is not a psychic reading or a mystical gift. It is a practical skill set and using a mind body emotional map, tuning into a client's energetic field. Seeing where their particular mind, body, spirit system is out of balance. A Medical Intuitive is not an expert on you. You are the expert on you and your body knows a great deal. The expertise of a good Medical Intuitive is in paying attention to your body and facilitating dialogue between your physical body and yourself.

Is this an energy healing?

No this is not a healing session.  It is an intuitive reading and medical intuitive assessment. Information that comes through this session is intended to facilitate healing for you.

Can this reading really be done over the phone? 

Yes it can and sometimes more effectively than in person.  

How long is this reading?

I find these sessions run on average 60 minutes. 

Do you have to be sick or health issue to benefit?

No you can just have some minor issues or questions around your health or body.  You can be proactive rather than reactive.