How do I schedule with you?

Best way is to text me or purchased your In Person or Zoom session. I will be notified and I will text or email you to schedule your appointment.  If you have a date and time in mind let me know.  After we are confirmed, I will then send you a link to the address of our physical appointment or a zoom link for our virtual session. 

How long should I wait after someone passes?

I recommend waiting six months to nine months after someone passes.  The spirit can communicate right away, but the more time you and they have the better.  They need some time to acclimate and settle into their new world and you need time to process your physical grief.  Waiting a few months gives them time to build their spirit strength and stamina on the other side and they will have more to communicate and share with if you wait.

How long is the reading?

A Mediumship Reading is an hour in length.  I want you to have as much time connecting with your loved ones as possible.  

Can this reading be done long distance?

Yes, I am now offering Zoom Mediumship sessions.  Technology and spirits can sometime be tricky, but this new option has been working out nicely for all involved.    

What if no one shows up?

Someone will show up.  I can not promise who you will get in your session, but it's more likely you will hear from multiple people in the session.  

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes it is a good idea to have someone support you.  It can be emotional and there is an overwhelming amount of information that comes through in these sessions.  They can take notes and help you remember details of the experience when it is over.  

What if I want to bring two people?

There is an additional $50.00 fee for a third person.  If you want to have four or more we turn it into a Group Reading

Can I record it?

Yes, please record it.  It's helpful and people get a benefit listening to it later.  Often they realize the information and messages they missed in the original session. 

What if someone shows up I don't want to talk to?

Sometimes you hear from unexpected people like ex husbands, in laws, or an unwanted family member.  Whoever shows up in my sessions is only coming through for your highest and best good.  They are not showing up to harm you in any way.  They can only come through to facilitate healing, love, and compassion even if they were the opposite on earth.  

Can I bring children?

Yes depending on the age.  Children under 12 years old not recommended.  

There is nobody I want to connect with?

Then you don't need a Medium Reading.  It is OK and actually a good thing if there is no one you want or need to connect with in Spirit.

Will you come to the house?

Yes in home sessions are possible.  Contact me for more information. 

How often can I do a Mediumship Reading? 

That depends?  Some people come once and never need to come again.  Each loss is unique and so is a person's grief.  With each new passing a person may want to come back. Some people come on their loved ones birthday or the anniversary of their passing.  Some sense when their loved ones are around and want to communicate and know it's time to check in.  I tell people you will know when it is time to see me.  Your spirits will make it obvious. 

Should I bring an object or photo with me?  

No, I do not need any objects.   I was trained to connect spirit with out items. You are welcome to bring comfort items with you, but I don't need to hold or see to connect.

Is it normal to be nervous?

Yes it is very normal to be nervous prior to your experience.  That energy and feeling will go away after we start the session.