How much is a Private Mediumship Group?

A private group is $100 per person. 

How many people for a Private Mediumship Group?

A private group has a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 8. 


How do we book a Private Mediumship Group?

Email or text mk some selected dates and times that work for your group.  Give as much notice as possible.  Private groups get a priority and most flexibility in scheduling to accommodate the time and date needs of the group. 

When do you do Private Mediumship Groups?

Monday through Sunday 12-6PM  

Do you come to us or we come to you?

mk can come to your location.  You can come to mk in Chico or now there is a Zoom Group option.  

Does everyone in the group get a personal message from Spirit?

Yes, everyone attending will get a mini-mediumship reading.  Depending on the size of the group, mk will spend 10-20 minutes channeling messages for each person attending.  You will get a lot of messages from spirit and validation in that time. 

We are a family and we all want to talk to the same spirit?

If that is the case there is a family group rate. Contact mk regarding the details. 

I want to invite friends and make it a celebration.  Can I serve alcohol? 

With private groups, hostesses often serve their guests light snacks and beverages and make it a special reason to get together. I recommend you wait  to serve the spirited beverages until after the group experience is over. This will help facilitate an amazing experience for all involved.  You may celebrate and share after the readings have concluded.

How long is the Group Reading?

Plan approximately 1-2 hours depending on the size of the group.  

What if someone doesn't want to be read or receive a message?

Then they should not attend the group.  Everyone attending will get a message.

Can children attend?

This is dependent upon the situation and how the children/child is connected to the loss.  Each situation is unique. Please inquire when you schedule. In general, children 13 and under aren't recommended to participate in group readings.