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ORENDA means serious nutrition...

Deep Sleep, Balanced Hormones, Gut Biome, Strong Immune System, Brain Fuel, Reduced Toxins and Nutrition.... ORENDA for people who think. As a professional Medium and Medical Intuitive ORENDA is the daily nutrition, I personally use and recommend to my clients, family, and friends.

Orenda Female Pack

The Orenda Female Pack is best thing I recommend to be proactive with your health. The Female Pack  supports your endocrine system and helps you feel your best as a woman.  The four products included in the Female Pack  are designed specifically to work together synergistically as a whole.

Often the common complaints from women regarding the aging process can be addressed and balanced out with proper nutrition, sleep, detoxification and consciousness. The mind, body, spirit have to work together for us to feel our best. The Female Pack includes the core vitamins and minerals your body requires.

For gut health the Ease supplies the highest quality and most comprehensive blend of digestive enzymes, pre and pro biotic combined into one pill.

Also included is daily Immune Support.  Orenda Immune supports both cellular detoxification and immune system.

Then O-Tropin the most revolutionary pituitary spray  supports the master gland helping to balance out essential hormones including those needed within the sexual glands. 

The Female pack is designed to significantly enhance the lives of women over 30. Orenda Female combines a meticulous blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients with a unique formulation of specifically chosen herbs, to help keep the complex female systems in balance.* The Orenda Female Pack is one of the best investments you can make into your health and supporting your chakra system.

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Orenda Products and Pituitary Support Sprays

"The seventh energy center is located in the center of your head and includes the pituitary gland. This gland has been called the master gland because it governs and creates harmony in a downward cascade from the center of your brain to your pineal gland, your thyroid gland, your thymus gland, your adrenal glands, your pancreatic gland, and all the way to your sexual glands. This is the center of the body where you experience your greatest expression of divinity. This is where your divinity, your highest level of consciousness, originates. When this gland is in balance, you are in harmony with all things."

(Dr. Joe Dispensa book, Becoming Supernatural page 98)

When the Orenda system was presented to me by a M.D. Ph.D  and it featured a pituitary support, I knew right away I had to look into this system. What I discovered was that the Orenda supplement line is in alignment with my Medium and Medical Intuitive training.

It is imperative that I remain extremely in tune with my inner physical world which requires proper nutrients and  caring of my cells and Chakra System.  Equally important to maintaining my ability as a Medium is keeping my brain and body into a state of coherency. Key to this is proper supplemental support and nutrition. Anybody can learn to do this. I have always said being a Psychic Medium isn’t a gift it’s an ability.  We all have this ability, it's just leaning how to use it.  I may be slightly gifted at Psychic ability and Mediumship, like you might be in art, or music or athletics, but everyone one benefits when your mind, body and spirit are in balance.

We have to consider the Chakras like warning light indicators in our cars.

Medical Intuition considers your genetics as your potential. Five percent of our health is genetic and 95% is how we live our lives….diet, lifestyle, nutrition, emotions, environment. Medical Intuition is about balancing those systems with in the mind, body and environment for ideal health. Communication between the endocrine aka chakra system is key to the body functioning properly. Medical Intuition focuses on core nutrients that the chakra system needs to function properly. The Orenda line has such a comprehensive and effective line to support that system. In four products you have essentially what you need to support your body for 30 days.

The Orenda Packs are small, portable, efficient and easy to use. You can take all your supplements for the day at once. 

They are pharmaceutical grade and you will feel and see the results.

This is hard core nutrition for busy, active people who want to be progressive in their health management.

Of all the Functional Medicine, Natural Health, Anti-Aging products I have found on the market to date, this is the first medical-biased company and product line that completely matched my metaphysical training and understanding. That is why Orenda is my chosen brand. It’s simple, yet a complex product line that makes since. The founders of the company definitely understand the brain and the need for balance  between the two hemispheres along  with supporting the entire endocrine system. They refer to the need to be in the frontal lobe of the brain for good decision making and clarity.

Hearing a natural product line and company who complies with the strictest current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) captured my attention. I have been utilizing the system for five years and have had excellent results. Due to the fact that the Orenda company has been around for 18 years, I am also very comfortable recommending it to people. When you are taking any product, especially one that targets the brain you want to be self assured of it's reputation.  This product line being developed 20 years ago personally confirms to me they were cutting edge back then and have been waiting for the world to catch up to it's benefits. With that length of time as well as evolution of product and success, I am not only confident in taking it myself, I am confident in recommending it to others.

I had a hormone Doctor approach me and ask…Did I notice a difference in the brains of the women in my meditation classes? Was there a difference between preimenopausal and postmenopausal women in meditation? And the answer was absolutely yes. The postmenopause women had more trouble meditation, concentrating, seeing color and visions in their minds eye.” The younger women would describe all kinds of detail and descriptions in their meditations. The O-Tropin Pituitary Support Spray is a wonderful option for women to support their pituitary health.

Another common complaint among perimenopausal and menopausal women is the lack of sleep due to hormonal changes in the body. A healthy pituitary is associated with normal sleep patterns, healthy mood and brain activity as well as libido/sexual function. Energy and endurance, healthy immune function, blood pressure, lean muscle mass. All common complaints I hear from women and I experienced. The Pituitary Support Spray is a way to support the brain and body through the aging process. Bottom line if the brain is incoherent and compartmentalized because of hormones or stress that incoherent brain sends out very incoherent messages to the body. O-Tropin can support a healthy pituitary gland. 

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