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Lotus Guide Magazine: November-December 08
Cover of Lotus Guide Interview with Mary Kay, owner of Karma Psychic Boutique
Lotus Guide:   What inspired you to become a Psychic Medium?
Mary Kay:  It was an experience that I had later in life during the last part of my career as an interior designer.  I was decorating a house for a woman who had recently lost her husband to cancer. While looking for a few final accessories for her home, I happened across an amazing globe of the world that I was compelled to buy.  In my head all I could hear was a voice saying,   “the globe, the globe, the globe!” I didn't want to buy it.  The cost would put me over budget.  Even so, it was still a bargain, so I bought it anyway. When I returned with it, the woman was shocked. Apparently her husband had been trying to find the same kind of globe at a price they could afford! She was delighted, and I was given an insight about my psychic abilities. Because of the intensity of the feeling that I had while deciding to purchase the globe, I realized I was getting guidance. It made me want to understand why I had such intense feelings that I could not ignore.  I immediately began to read, listen to tapes, and take classes on psychic development. And study the many religions of the world.
LG: Was that the first time you had such an experience?
MK: No. I’d had many experiences throughout my life, but this one was so strong. It felt like it was a final confirmation for me to explore mediumship as a career.  I wanted or in some respects was directed to become a medium.  I understood the importance of  bridging the gap between the two worlds and helping people change their perception about  death.  
LG: So do you learn to become a psychic, or are you born with the ability?
MK: Both. As in music, art, sports, or any other ability, there are those who are born with a stronger natural ability, and those who have to work harder at developing it. We all have psychic abilities. They become much easier to use once we at taught how recognize them. But it takes a lot of work, training, classes, and experience to get to the level where it can become a profession.
LG: How did your friends and family react to your decision to become a psychic medium?
MK:  Just the word, “psychic,” makes people uncomfortable.  I had to get past that myself. So yes, it seemed odd to my friends and family that I would make the choice to go to psychic school.  After all, I had a successful mainstream career as an interior designer; I was a soccer mom and a member of the PTA. However, as I began to share with family and friends what I was learning in school, amazing synchronicities and coincidences started happening in their lives. That helped them support me in my endeavor.   
LG: What do most of your clients want from a mediumship reading?
MK:  Because my gift is in communicating with those who have died, the majority of my clients want to know that their loved one is ok and at peace.  They want to know what happens. Have they crossed over? Who are they with? Are they alone or with someone? Exploring this realm can be challenging.  Most people don't understand that we don't die. We transcend to another dimension. Death is like a birth or a new beginning. My mediumship sessions help people feel more at peace with death. 
They can  resolve unfinished business, relieve guilt, offer closure, and provide the opportunity to feel connected again.  It is important for people to understand that relationships can continue even though their loved ones are now in spirit form. In fact, their loved ones want them to learn how to sense their presence and continue the connection. My clients are being asked to learn a new language, a psychic language....the language of the soul!   
LG: Let's talk about Karma. What seems to jump out at me when I walk into your store is how it overlaps the normal divisions of New Age and mainstream society. Personally, I see this as an important aspect of everything we do in life. Our magazine, for instance, has many alternative therapies that could be considered New Age, but we also recognize the importance of mainstream thoughts and the stability they bring to the table.
MK: I wanted to make Karma a beautiful, welcoming space where everyone would feel completely comfortable to explore the psychic side of life – new age or mainstream – it wouldn't matter. Everyone needs to embrace their spirit. Karma is a place to do that. We offer  many products, classes, and services to help people nurture their spirit.  A favorite quote of mine is, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
LG: This probably explains why I always see a wide variety of people whenever I come here. Is this simply an expression of who you are, or was it something you thought out consciously?
MK: I did think consciously about how Karma would look and feel. When I was searching for my answers, I found the typical metaphysical store very intimidating. I wanted create a new representation of what the psychic world is about. It didn't have to be intimidating or weird.  It could be exciting and refreshing...it could be chic.  I feel I have accomplished that. 
LG: This is a beautiful historic Chico home. How do you use all the space?
MK: Upstairs we have two consultation rooms and our spa-studio where we offer massage, detox baths, and yoga. Our downstairs rooms are filled with a variety of books, CD's, gifts and spiritual decor.  We have a Conscious Living Room where we have movie night, classes, or group meetings.  Our covered outdoor patio is perfect for reading a book, meeting with friends, or holding a small gathering.  Karma is a place where people can shop, read, relax with a glass of water or tea,  receive readings or healings, or just be. It’s a place for the spirit.
LG: Karma sponsors the Holistic Fair.  What are some of your long-term goals with the fair?
MK:  The Holistic Fair is an annual event that takes place in November.  This years event will be on Saturday, November 15 at the Chico Masonic Center.  It is a highly anticipated event for this area.  Because Chico has an incredible representation of metaphysical and holistic services, this fair is an opportunity for Chico's holistic community to come together and showcase their products and services. Chico is a spiritual hub for this geographical area, and it serves many of the smaller surrounding towns.  In the future, we plan on bringing in big name guest speakers and more lectures to expand it into a two day event.
LG: So what is the Karma Boutique doing in preparation for the oncoming holiday shopping season?
MK:  We are really excited! This will be Karma's first Christmas.  The theme is,  “Dear Santa,  All we want for Christmas is World Peace.” Karma is having a Christmas Open House on December 6th and 7th.  We will showcase the “peace tree,” decorated with only peace-related ornaments. We’ll also have many other “peace” items in the store. This holiday season we want our customers to “feel at peace” and “give in peace.” Karma will offer a wide variety of gifts for the spirit.  The whole team wants everyone to experience a peaceful holiday season.
LG: The Gift of Peace! That would certainly make the world a better place!