Chapter in a Book

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Sometimes, memories are all we have.

By Shari Edwards

This is Shari's personal story through grief and beyond.  In this beautiful book she writes about her Mediumship Reading with Mary Kay.

The chapter titled, "A Visit with Ted". 

(This is the first paragraph from the Chapter A Visit with Ted)

On June 11, 2008, Ted had been gone five years.  He had crossed a bridge to another place.  I had always followed wherever his earth path had led.  This time I was left behind.  Before he left, we entered into a covenant.  Over the twenty-five years we were together I knew Ted as a believer of a metaphysical world--a person who has understandings beyond mine.  I was brought up Catholic, where the afterlife of a human being consisted of heaven, hell and a place in between known as purgatory.  Simply put, heaven was for the very good people, hell was for the very bad people, and the purgatory was a waiting room for a decision.  Over the years, I accepted much of Ted's thinking about the hereafter.  After a surgery, Ted faced death and he later told me that the only reason he didn't continue on to the beautiful place he saw was because he couldn't leave his son or me.  But, he never forgot that place and never feared going there.  I made him a promise that if I had an opportunity to reach him there I would.  That opportunity came to me a few weeks ago when my sister and a friend went to see a Medium named Mary Kay in Chico.  My sister and friend were absolute nonbelievers in both the afterlife and reaching loved ones who had passed over.  For my sister, contact was made with both my parents and our cousin came through.  My cousin explained how his plane had fallen from the sky into the Colorado River ending his life and that of his son.  A gas line had broken.  All assured her they were happy.  My sister left a changed person.

In the rest of this chapter Shari shares her reading with Mary Kay.