April Showers

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I'm a spiritual girl living in a material world, and it's hard to find the balance.  So when my EGO starts to spin out of control, I have two words that stabilize it instantly: "RUNNING WATER!"  My EGO knows to surrender.  Water has it beat! The needs of my ego pale in comparison to my need for water! First of all, I would die without water.  Second of all, I could drown in it.  So game over EGO; water wins! 

My EGO knows to bow to the element of water, and my spirit knows to honor, appreciate, and celebrate water. The mere fact that I am privileged to have running water is incredible. My life is blessed because I can take a shower, flush a toilet, wash my dishes and clothes. If you take away my running water (something EGOs take for granted), everything in life changes and becomes more difficult. My EGO understands life without it would be a game changer. My need for water humbles me, and its availability to me puts me instantly into appreciation. My EGO my self-importance subsides. 

For those of us who live in California and are carefully watching the drought conditions, this psychic predicts lots and lots of April showers!