Bad Psychic

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I would never consult an obviously unhealthy Doctor about my health and well being. You shouldn't seek guidance from a psychic who's room is dark and depressing, they are obese, chain smoke and are basically the color of death.  How in the world would you expect them to predict or see anything positive for your life when that is their vantage point?  I recently found out my sister in laws had been to see such a psychic and they were all stress out because she only predicted doom and gloom and put them in a tail spin of fear.  How can you expect someone so in the dark to be able point you to the light? Be picky about your psychic!  Its OK to be a psychic snob.  Don't go to any gypsy with a light up crystal ball in their window. Seriously. Trust and comfort is important when picking a Doctor the same goes when choosing a Psychic. Anyone I seek guidance from or train with, I make sure they are balanced in mind, body, spirit and environment, the best I can see, in order for me to listen and trust in their guidance.  I recommend you do the same and I predict a much better outcome for you.