Psy-chic Tip #8

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BREATH:  We have a saying in our home, "Don't be a mouth breather". Breath is life and life is breath so your breathing counts!  Of all of the elements we would not survive with out air for more than a few minutes, water we could go days or weeks, but air only minutes.  So breath is essential to your life!  The way to tap into your psychic ability is through breathing and not shallow mouth breathing.  Long deep breaths in through your nose.  Really just sit for a while and focus on your breathing.  Deep breathes in the nose and out the mouth.  We are such a stress out society we have truly forgotten to breathe properly.  If you are mouth breathing you are taking shallow breaths and not getting the oxygen to the parts of the brain and body like you do with breathing deeply in the nose.  If you want to shift your energy and open up your psychic ability literally just breathe!