Psy-chic Tip #9

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AURA CARE: Your aura is one of your first psychic receivers.  Sensing and connecting the energy of people, places and things through the aura.  Cleansing the aura on a regular basis is important to psychic self care. My routine is to take an Epsom salt and lavender bath every night.  It rids my aura of my day and keeps me clear. Many people still aren't aware they even have an aura or how to take care of their aura.  Your aura can be cleared in several ways; by the sun, wind, nature, salt baths, shower, ocean.  Everything that happens in your day is contained in your auric field.  Clearing that aura before bed is the best way ensure a good nights sleep. Otherwise you may be just laying there recapping your whole day.  I had a woman tell me about her husband who works as a prison guard and he dreams about his job in his sleep. Arguing and yelling at people from work in his sleep.  I suggested he go straight to the shower when he gets home and wash that prison energy off of him. Clear out this aura, he would feel like a new man!  She doubts he would do it, so I sent her off with some sage spray and rose spray to spritz him when he got home.  It's a start, but if the man wants to get a great nights sleep a full shower to clear to clear his aura would be the best.  Go fluff your aura today!