Birds, Butterflies & Ladybugs Why?

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As we approach my youngest sons 13th Birthday the loved ones in spirit are showing up one by one. This may just look like a blue jay on a basketball hoop to some, but because of the timing and circumstances we know it in our family to be his Grandpa Virgil!  His Great Grandmother comes as a humming bird.  His other Grandfather a black crow.  Now don't think that we believe our beloved family members are now actually these birds.  What I do know is that spirits can influence these creatures infuse their energy with them and get them to come close to us, often stay or hover around us.  The exact moment you think that is happening take note of the timing.  Were you thinking of them?  Is it a birthday, holiday or some other significant day for the family.  Those are the things you ask yourself and consider when they appear.  Remember to smile, acknowledge your loved one and say thank you!  That way you let them know you got their message loud and clear!  It's always nice to send a thank you when you received a gift!