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When a Reality TV producer called, I answered. She asked if I'd be interested in doing a show. Hmm. I knew there were plenty of things I couldn't do. Like going into haunted houses or buildings like on Dead Files or Ghost Adventures.Absolutely not! I hate scary, haunted, and creepy places. When she suggested the concept of a reality show with a psychic and a home-decorator that got my attention. It took me back to my roots as an interior designer where my psychic ability started. I was reading energy in homes and spaces long before communicating with spirits and using Tarot Cards. I knew very well how the energy in a home can positively or negatively affect those who live there. The thought of being able to share that with a larger audience interested me.

I am serious about the need for space clearing and passionate about the benefits of Feng Shui. So much of our life and well-being is literally and physically connected to our home environment. Showing people how to get negative energy out of their house or why they are having trouble sleeping in a certain room gives me a feeling of deep satisfaction. When I help them see why they can't manifest a good relationship, they immediately understand what has been blocking them. I knew this show was a fit for me!

They say things come in threes. I got not only one call about making a Reality TV Show, but three!  Each production company had very different show ideas, yet they all shared one commonality: they all wanted to blend the concept of a psychic looking at homes.  

Below is the one that actually got made.The title, "Karmic Makeover" was the idea of the Production Company. They teamed me up with the fabulous LA Designer, Christian May, and produced a Sizzle, a two minute video to pitch to networks. You won't be seeing it on HGTV or OWN as of yet, but you never know!

I was so happy to be featured in a possible Reality Show. I even got my own theme song. I'm a cosmic girl now! Hope you enjoy it! 



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