Get Your Earthing On!

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Did you know going barefoot on the earth could be so good for your body?   The earth is a natural antioxidant and an amazing energy healer of the body.  All this happens through the energy transfer through the bottom of our bare feet simply by walking barefoot on grass or sand.  

I first learned of "earthing" in Psychic School.  To develop our psychic sensitivities, we had to be in tune with the vibration of the earth.   Being aware of the earth's energy helps do what they call "ground" us and align our chakras.  When we are "ungrounded", we tend to be more accident prone.  We trip, stub our toes, feel like there isn't enough time; we are rushed and late.  Of course those are the times you will drop your important papers on the way to a meeting, spill coffee on yourself, loose your car keys and the list goes on.  You know what I am talking about.  We were taught in psychic school if we just took a few minutes to be mindful and connect with the earth's energy all that stress and disharmony in our daily lives could be avoided; just by feeling the planetary rhythms from under our feet.

It really works!  I encourage you to take off your shoes and go outside and walk on a patch of grass.  Find a sandy spot and dig those toes in.  Just relax and let Mother Earth heal and re balance you.  This is a great way to avoid jet lag.  If you are traveling, when you arrive at your destination go outside and walk around barefoot for twenty minutes to reset your body clock to the new time zone.  What can it hurt, right?  Worst case scenario, you will look like a weird tourist walking around with no shoes.  You can live with that, especially if it means no jet lag!  So whether you are staying home or traveling, take time to walk barefoot on Mother Earth.  Your body will love you for it!