Math is Hard

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After more than a decade in the psychic business, I have witnessed a pattern. The seven, ten and twelve year markers seem to define people's lives. If something is going to change, it's going to be at those times. Relationships seem to fall apart at the seven, ten or twelve year mark. A survey of divorce lawyers showed that marriages are most likely to fail after twelve years. If couples get beyond the twelve year mark, they tend to survive, but not always happily.

I have also noticed that job or geographical changes fall on those same 7, 10, 12 year milestones. There must be something to the whole numbers thing. I know God's the ultimate mathematician, and I'm a student in His class. Take the number seven, for instance. After every seven years our bodies have completely changed on a molecular level. We are new beings. There are seven days in the week. Seven wonders of the world. Seven dwarfs. And let's not forget the Seven Year Itch! I'm sure there's no coincidence. Then there is the number ten. It represents a decade. There are Ten Commandments. And in Tarot decks the ten card represents completion. The number twelve is very significant. Twelve months in a year. Twelve zodiac signs. Twelve hours on the clock. Twelve days of Christmas. The twelve apostles.

Watching these patterns of change and closure year after year in people's lives, and even in my own, makes me wonder if life isn't just one big mathematical problem! Like a big, long algebra equation. Would we feel better to know that our careers, relationships, and living situations aren't forever? That they follow a pattern? Would we be able to roll and flow with life's cycles and changes more easily? Or would the awareness of the eventual impending change ruin the joy of the present? I'm really not sure, but the one thing I do know: math is hard!