Crystals and Rocks

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In my first encounters with crystals, I thought of them as rocks. It didn't matter what they looked like, they were all rocks to me. I would go into Crystals and Gems stores and blurt out comments that showed my total ignorance and lack of understanding of the Earth. I would pick up the precious crystals and toss them around like I was skipping stones. The horrified look on the store owner's face told me I was doing something wrong. But I just didn't value the deeper qualities of crystals and precious stones.   
Even when I first committed to the metaphysical path, I really didn't understand how anyone could place so much belief and thought into what I considered common rocks. 
A lot has changed for me over the years.  Not that I really understand that much more about how crystals work, but now I have appreciation, love, and even respect for them. 
The beauty and power of these rocks that come from the earth blow my mind! And for the most part, we barely recognize them.  Of course, the rock that gets the most attention is the diamond.  Look at how mankind covets the diamond. Well, guess what? There are a whole lot of other pretty and sparkly rocks out there. You may just not know where to look.  
My love for crystals started when I opened Karma. I knew people liked them, so I brought them in to sell. Then I got so attached to some, liked them so much, I wasn't willing to sell them.  They either found a permanent place at Karma or came home with me. 
Now I keep different crystals in different areas for specific reasons.  I have an Amethyst crystal night light in the bathroom because Amethyst is very healing and has a positive effect on our health.   I have two quartz crystals in my reading room and next to my bed. Clear quartz can be useful for meditation, healing, communication with your guides, dreaming and more.  So it feels right to have these crystals in those specific spaces.  What I recently learned is that the quartz crystal is neither a solid nor liquid. It vibrates at 786,000 pulses per millisecond, and its continuum moves faster than light. Ask any techno geek, and he or she will tell you quartz has been crucial to the technological advancement in our modern world.  Quartz has unique properties such as piezoelectricity energy storage and amplification abilities. It has helped create lasers, optics, computers, communication systems, radio, television, ultrasound and so much more. With all that said, I still really don't understand how or why crystals work, but I do know that I feel good having their energy around me.