Have Spirit Will Travel!

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My Astrological sign is Sagittarius and typical of Saggie's, I love to travel!  Last month I had an opportunity to get on a plane and fly away.  It doesn't matter to me if it's by car, plane, boat, bus or train, I just like the adventure and the change of scenery. 
I never travel alone, however, because spirit always goes with me! Did you know that Spirit loves to travel with us? I can't begin to tell you how often in Mediumship readings spirit will mention travel and the vacations their loved one is planning or returning from.  The spirits often mention the travel destination their loved one is going to, and they will announce that they are going as well!  Or spirits will acknowledge that they were present during a past travel destination or vacation.  
Why wouldn't spirit want to travel? It doesn't cost them a dime! They don't have to fuss with luggage, wait in lines, or get searched by airport control. Sign me up! That's my kind of traveling.
Since I am so aware that spirit is traveling with me, things seem to go smoothly and synchronistically.  I know spirit wants me to have a good time. Heck, they want to have a good time! I feel so totally supported and protected by them that I seldom experience glitches and inconveniences.  When I travel, I expect everything to be fluid and easy. I will arrive at the ideal time, always have a good seat, with helpful people all around me where ever I am. You need to expect the same. 

On that most recent trip that I was telling you about, I arrived at the airport and got to the gate, but then learned the plane was delayed an hour.  Not a problem! I took it as an opportunity to sit down, eat, and toast to the upcoming weekend celebration.  Not being able to see the gate from the restaurant made me feel relaxed and free. I suddenly got a feeling in my stomach and a big nudge on my shoulder that I needed  to leave immediately. I quickly gathered up my things and headed for the gate.  When I came around the corner, I saw the other passengers were already boardingThe plane had arrived 30 minutes earlier than expected.  Had I not listened to spirit's promptings, I would have missed the plane. Because I was among the last of the passengers, the over heads were full! So they checked my bag and didn't charge me the $25.00 fee.  How nice was that? It made my load lighter. I stepped in the back of the lineIt didn't matter if I was going to be one of the last to board because I had an assigned seat, 12A, next to the window seat. As I approached aisle 12, the young man in 12C had to get up to let me in.  As I am sliding into my window seat, I look down to see a shiny dime on the floor of seat 12A.  My sign spirit was flying the friendly skies with me.  
Are you watching for your signs?  Last month I shared 10 Common Ways Spirits Communicate and in that top 10 were pennies and dimes.  Pay attention. There are signs from spirit all around you at any given time. Since I love to travel and spirit does too, I have decided to schedule more travel in 2016.  I will be traveling to various cities and locations next year delivering messages to you from spirit.