Intuition & Nutrition

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What does food have to do with Intuition? Everything! Most people don't link the two in their minds, but when you start to tap into your intuition, your body will no longer let you eat the same way, especially if it is not in your best interest. 
I was shocked at how much my cravings changed when I embarked on the psychic path. I was a junk-food addict in my twenties. Burgers, fries, sodas, sweets! I had terrible eating habits. That all changed in my thirties when I went to psychic school. If you allow spirit to become the biggest part of your life, it literally takes over your appetite. My body wouldn't tolerate the old ways any longer. It began completely rejecting the junk foods. For the first time in my life, I began craving a strange new plant: broccoli! Seriously, I ate raw broccoli every day for months. I dipped these little tree-like things in blue cheese dressing, another new craving, along with crackers.  That was my magical combo for whatever reason. I even tested their value to my body in my Kinesiology (muscle testing) class, and they tested positive! I could not get enough of those three things. The thought of eating them now kind makes me nauseous. 
Recently, however, I read that broccoli increases our clairvoyance. Suddenly my cravings at psychic school made complete sense. Clairvoyance is our natural ability to see positive energy. It is supported by our pineal and pituitary glands.  One of the foods we can eat to support and nourish these endocrine glands is organic broccoli. It is high in Omega 3, Vitamins B-6 and C, magnesium, folic acid and calcium. I thought back to my craving of broccoli when I was developing my Clairvoyance. My intuition now shows that the blue cheese and crackers were what my body needed for balance at the time.
I still eat intuitively to this day. I haven't followed a diet fad since the Nineties. No reason to. I listen to what my body tells me it wants and needs.  It craves colors of foods and the intuitive cravings change with the seasons. I don't live my life being a "calorie counter" and monitoring every protein and carbohydrate.  I just listen to my body guidance when I think about the food I eat. You'd think I'd crave ice cream and chocolate, right? And sometimes I do!  It's more like beet juice, spinach, hummus, avocado or a really good organic grass fed beef. Yes you can crave such things. My body and spirit really know what's best for me. Just start asking your intuition, even a little bit, and see what you are guided to eat.