You Are Psychic If..........

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I was driving my thirteen year old son and three of his friends around.  I always feel better when I see them as a collective and realize how normal my son is.  His friends act exactly like him.  One of the boys in the back said to me, "So you're a psychic! Can you blow things up with your mind?"  I laughed and said, "No."  He asked, "So how does it work then?  I replied, "Well the first thing you need to know is everyone is psychic."  His face in the review mirror showed 

complete shock! 

With his jaw dropped, he asked, "Tell me how this is possible?" 

It was at that exact moment my son turned up the music as loud as he could to totally change the vibe.  He hates me talking about anything psychic in front of his friends.  

Total embarrassment to him! They all started laughing, wiggling, and bouncing and on to the next topic as thirteen year olds do.  

Then it occurred to me. Maybe my readers don't know they are psychic either? Just so you know, everyone is psychic! Who? Everyone!! Here's a list of common ways being psychic can show up in our daily lives.  You are psychic if..........

1. You are a twin
2.  You are an only child
3.  You are an adopted child
4.  You are an addict
5.  You have OC
6.  You are homosexual
7.  You are sensitive to synthetics and chemicals
8.  Babies smile or stare at you
9.  You have an object that brings your luck or protection
10. You have orbs in your photos 
11. Animals/pets have a positive response when you meet them for the first time
12. You can predict the sex of unborn children
13. You seem to invite strangers to tell you their life stories
14. You notice the atmosphere of a room change when people enter or exit
15. You know who's calling when the phone rings
16. You listen to your gut feelings
17. You get Goosebumps randomly
18. You see sequences of numbers over and over again
19. You had specific or detailed imaginary friends as a child
20. You have named and talk to your car
21. You talk to your animals in a different voice
22. You have seen a spirit or ghost
23. Your dreams often come true
24. You feel hot or cold spots in homes or buildings
25. You know immediately if you like or dislike someone
26. You are good with plants
27. You can't tolerate large crowds
28. You absorb or can be drained by other people's emotions
29. You have to change hotel rooms or move because you feel uncomfortable
30. You think about someone, and they call or you call them at the perfect time
31. You know when something is wrong with a loved one or family member
32. You meet someone for the first time and you feel like you have known them before