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It's June, and summer has arrived. Time to chill. My body is happy. My mind is still trying to catch up. It is somewhere back in April with a "to do" list and anxious that the year is half over. Even so, what both my mind and body can get excited about is that summertime means reading! It's time to lay around and read. I allow myself one leisure or pleasure book a year. At one time reading was always pleasure. In my youth, teens and twenties I avidly read Nancy Drew, Steven King, Danielle Steel and John Gresham novels.  When I started my spiritual transformation in my thirties, I went on a frenzy, reading everything I could find about psychic and spiritual subjects. My mind-set switched. I felt that if I wasn't learning something while I was reading, then I was waiting my time. Since then I have allowed myself only one pleasure book a year, and that's in the summer.  It's my summer love, so to speak. 

It's funny that I tend to pick "leisure" books that pertain to my work in some way or ones that have a deep spiritual message. Books like Lovely Bones, First Grave on the Right, The Shack and Proof of Heaven.   Two summers ago I did read the hot romance novel, 50 Shades of Gray. That was both pleasure and pain. This summer's plan is to finish all the books I started, but didn't complete. For whatever reason, I have a dozen half-read books lying around. I don't understand why because I was really enjoying many of them. I just put them down and never got back to them. Then I'd start a new one.

This summer I am looking forward to closing many of the chapters I once began. Then it occurred to me. Maybe you are looking for something to read this summer too. Let me share thirty books (fiction and nonfiction) that impacted my psychic and spiritual evolution in some way.  

1. Earth School 101
2. Power vs Force
3. Mastery of Love 
4. Four Agreements
5. The Celestine Prophecy
6. Diary of a Psychic
7. Seat of the Soul
8. Feelings Buried Alive Never  Die
9. A Return to Love
10. Ask Your Guides
11. The Lightworkers Way
12. Trust Your Vibes
13. The Peaceful Warrior
14. Evolution Angel
15. If Life is a Game then  these are the Rules
16. The Power of Intention
17. The Seven Spiritual Laws  of Success
18. You Can Heal Your Life
19. The Alchemist
20. Realms of the Earth  Angels 
21. The Shadow Effect
22. Sacred Contracts
23. Change or Die
24. Many Lives Many Masters
25. Talking to Heaven
30. Saved by the Light