You Picked Them!

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You may need to sit down to read this one. WE pick them! Pick whom you are asking? Our parents! We picked them. Yes, I am saying you chose your parents. So that means your children, if you have them, chose you!

When my sons complain about me as a Mom, I remind them that they chose me. It's no accident you have the parents you do. They hold the DNA, history, karma, family experiences you need for this lifetime. I'm sure some of you are reading this and thinking, "There is no way I would have chosen these people as my parents!" That's especially true in situations where extreme abuse occurred. In those types of human experiences, if you can somehow take your power back, knowing what happened contributed to your soul's evolution, then you win! You are so much more than your life experience.

How many of us were unplanned and unexpected pregnancies? You were a soul in waiting, taking full advantage of your young, naive, vulnerable future parents. You didn't care if they were about to graduate from college or following their dreams. You just saw a sweaty hormonal opportunity to enter Earth School. Your poor young future parents were clueless that you were following them around in spirit form waiting for just the right moment to implant yourself into the physical world.

I have seen these baby souls. They follow what I call "ripe women" around. Some baby souls follow the same mother for years, just trying to be born. Mothers are often aware of this baby energy around them. They may have reoccurring dreams of a baby, or other family members will dream of pregnancy. One "ripe" momma came into Karma recently. She was a young single mother with a one year old "surprise baby". I saw that she has another baby soul following her. These baby souls appear as bright yellow/gold balls of energy outside the auras of the mothers. Usually they are hovering over the shoulder or around the belly area. Of course I told her about it. If she wants another baby, then she's right on target. But if not, she needs to take extra precautions. These babies are very determined souls!

Think of all the ways these baby souls can take advantage of their parents to get born. The one-night stands, torn condoms, pills that didn't work, first timers caught up in the passion of the moment. Your poor parents didn't know what hit them, and ready or not, here you come. If you wanted to get pregnant but couldn't, that doesn't mean a soul didn't choose you. I have been asked that. There are such things as physical or mechanical problems. If you miscarried, that soul tried, or maybe even choose to give you that important experience. Adopted children get to choose twice.  

So remember YOU picked your parents and your children picked YOU!