Paranormal Proof

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About a week ago, I read an article on the Internet titled: "I bought a Haunted Doll on e-Bay". The article was a fun and interesting read, but what really got my attention was an app it talked about called Ghost Radar. I installed it on my phone to try it out.

I have no idea how legit it is, and there are always skeptics and critics and I guess that is the point. We are encouraged to use the Ghost Radar app and make up our own minds as we experiment with it. I don't know how the technology behind it works.  It has colored dots that appear on the screen when it is picking up energy, and it will randomly speak words. So far the communication has been oddly accurate and appropriate in the various places I have tried it. The comments from the app were a match to the spirits and location.  

I was thinking in my head how to explain to you what the app looks like and which photo I should use.  Then I just had the thought I should turn on the app while I write this blog. Within moments it said GRAPH, GIVEN, SIMPLEST, CIRCUS and COMFORTABLE.  Maybe spirit heard me, telling me to "keep it simple, sister."  COMFORTABLE works too. I am very comfortable because I am lying down on my bed writing this. The word CIRCUS seems like the random and odd word in the group. It's not the first time this week the app has said CIRCUS. I was so surprised I snapped a picture of it. Let's just say that's a bad cosmic joke on me going back to another lifetime. I will leave it at that! I can't say for sure I believe this app is real, but I am willing to be open-minded with technology and paranormal research. 

I have never required any equipment to communicate with spirits, and none to prove they existed.  My body is the only piece of equipment I have ever needed, but that is not proof for skeptics. People need something measurable. There are some pretty amazing things going on in the spirit-technology world.  The latest equipment I see on the Ghost shows is impressive. Those who need proof are using modern technology to find ways to prove that the soul survives death. (Ghost Radar just said FEAR)  Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College I attended in England was started for the advancement of Psychic Science and to prove the afterlife existed. For years they held countless séances regularly to get enough energy for the spirit world to manifest. I saw the photos and heard the stories of buttons, coins and other objects dropping through the veil. That is called physical mediumship, meaning the spirits did something physical to make contact. With enough energy from the spirit circles, faces would appear and objects would move. Members of the College would meditate for years together to get proof on film or other recording devices. 

I am what is called a mental medium. I can see, hear and sense spirits, and communicate with them mentally.  However, I have also experienced physical phenomenon over the years. Being a mental medium, spirits don't need to do something physical to get my attention. That saves them a lot of time, energy and banging around. Who needs things falling off shelves, doors and cupboards opening, etc?  It takes a lot of their energy to manifest in the physical world. There is a movie coming out in 2016 called The Afterlife Uncovered.  It is about the Scole Experiment in 1993 that turned conventional thinking on it head. 

Paranormal research and proof were never my thing, but The Afterlife Uncovered is serious about legitimizing this field.  They want to take the psychic sciences to the next level. That sounds great to me because it is time my profession gets the respect it deserves. 

If you are interested in paranormal investigation try out the Ghost Radar app for yourself, or check out for more information on their mission.