Medical Intuition Still Needs Western Medicine

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What happens when someone who has written a regular monthly blog for nine years suddenly stops writing and has emotional conflict because of it?  Well, I grew a ganglion cyst on my wrist.  It was my own personal mind/body/emotion experiment. And it was a great way for me as a newly credentialed Medical Intuitive to practice what I was learning. 
Maybe you noticed I was missing from your in-boxes at the beginning of the month. It was a struggle to manage everything I already did and try to take on something new, like a completely new practice.  I had to let go in order to gain. So I let go of communicating regularly through writing. However, that gave me more emotional conflict than I realized. I actually liked communicating writing, and I had so many things I wanted to blog about. Instead, I had to stop sharing information related to the metaphysical field and it energetically effected me. 
Science, Spiritually and Western Medicine are intersecting right now in profound and promising ways. What does that mean exactly? It means that scientists can now prove that emotions have a direct impact on the physical body. The idea that thoughts and emotions affect our physical body is no longer just a metaphysical concept. This relationship is measurable by science and is forcing the medical world to examine itself. There are various reasons why a body can break down and get sick: genetics, the environment, diet, stress, and others. What the research shows is that every illness is affected by some kind of emotional factor in our lives.
 After decades of research the scientific community has provided the studies to support the belief that emotions affect the physical body. Fear, anger, sadness, love and joy have specific effects on our physical body. Thought patterns affect our bodies in predictable ways. Emotions contribute to how illness and disease show up in the body.
Unfortunately, many people have a victim mentality when it comes to illness. They believe sickness is something that is just going to happen to them, or that they have no control over physical illness. The great news is that we have more control over our health and well being than most doctors.  However, in spite of my ability with intuitive healing, the cyst on my wrist continued to grow.  It was painful.  Finally I decided I needed more than medical intuition to cure the problem. I needed Western medical intervention.  My surgery to remove the physical symptom happened in December. My wrist is now recovering, and I'm writing again!
Ok. Why did I grow a cyst on my wrist?  I believe I originally injured it in a Yoga class trying to do a head-stand and showing off.  That would make it an environmental incident: something outside of my body caused the initial issue or trauma. In the months following the incident, my wrist created a fluid filled bump. I turned to my essential oils right away. There was some progress, but as soon as I stopped giving the cyst attention, it would start growing again. I tried  every cure, old and modern. I hit it with a Bible! I wrapped it in weird things I saw on YouTube.  I tried cells salts and herbs for months with no change.  My final natural attempt was to try my acupuncturist. She took one look at it, and said, "No way! You need surgery. Go to a doctor and get it removed!"  Yes, I was a medical intuitive, but I couldn't heal myself through any natural means. That was a slight blow to my soul. I picked my spirit up off the floor and called a doctor that day. 
Two months later I had the surgery.  What did I learn from all of this?  In All Is Well, by Louise Hay and Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz suggests that the emotional causes of cysts can be running old and painful movies about ourselves. Also nursing hurts. Or maybe a false growth. She also says that emotionally, wrists represent movement and ease. This made sense. My emotions contributed to the cyst growing and not healing. As each month that went by, and I didn't blog, my cyst got worse. I spun the same story of frustration through my mind, of not having enough time or not being disciplined enough.  All kinds of negative emotions surrounded this monthly pause from writing.  I thought, ok, I'll write something next month. In my procrastination, the cyst kept growing. It became painful and irritating, almost like it was angry.
Healing involves looking at the whole person and restoring balance. That balance can come in various modalities. Western medicine and surgery may be one of them. Doctors, nurses, and medicine play a part in healing, but so do intuition and emotion.  It's in the combination of both that true healing can happen. We must use a combination of techniques and employ a combination of experts to achieve maximum health and vitality. My wrist was healed surgically, but I now know my emotions are instrumental in maintaining wellness.  Mind your thoughts.
Blessings & Health,