Psychic Summer Camp

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For an intuitive, I sure didn't see this coming...
I'm going to Summer Camp in Maine! My lack of knowing and planning are what makes me know spirit is behind this event. I feel like a kid being sent away! This opportunity appeared out of the ethers and has seamlessly fallen into place. 
Much to my surprise, I am not going alone. My bestie of the last 21 years is going too.  Trust me when I say we couldn't have planned this if we tried. Spirit hooked us up. We are both good at saying yes and following through when opportunities arise. My bestie, Julie, never opens my Karma emails so she won't even know I'm writing about her. I met her in my mid-twenties when we were in our baby producing phase of life. Both born under the sign of Sagittarius, we clicked. Twenty-one years ago we lived across the street from each other. When we moved away from each other, our connection and friendship continued. And our lives still seemed to mirror each other's. We had our babies at the same time. Twelve years later we went through our divorces together, surviving the single life together and both experiencing peri-menopause hell. Our simultaneous experiences have deepened our bond and friendship tremendously.
Julie watched me go through the process of becoming a medium, and she eventually went through the same process herself, attending Arthur Findlay in England just like I did. However, after completing her mediumship training and giving readings for a short time, she realized she did not want to use her brain, body and energy in that way. What she really wanted to be was a nurse. So she became one!  When she was in her forties, with four children, after all that intuitive development, and recently divorced, she went back to college to become an RN. 
We are still similar in our chosen professions. We both help people, but we know we don't want each other's job. She tells me her nurse stories of IVs and catheters. No thank you! I prefer my world of chakras and spirits any day! She is happy as can be in her hospital setting; I'm happy in my psychic studio.  We are both working where we are supposed to be after a long journey to get here.
My wanting to deepen my understanding of illness and the mind and body connection, and her desire to bring intuition into her nursing work has aligned us once again. That and our frustration at experiencing the peri menopausal hormone hell. It seems the universe is sending us to Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz and her renowned Intuition Academy. Julie and I will be attending a seven day Summer Camp together about Medical Intuition in Freeport, Maine.
Dr. Schultz was one of the pioneers of Intuitive Medicine. She was mentored and trained by two of the best in mind, body medicine, Caroline Myss and Dr. Christiane Northrup. Mona Lisa is no light-weight in her left brain, being an MD with a PhD in Brain Science. She is highly skilled in her intuitive right brain, working as both a practicing MD and a Medical Intuitive for 25 years. She has coauthored books with Dr. Northrup and Louise Hay. Her intuition work has been featured on the Discovery Channel, Oprah, and the CBS Early Show. And she has a regular radio show on This courageous and brilliant pioneer is a true force of nature. She has been bridging Intuition and Medicine for more than two decades, and my bestie and I are going to spend a week of hands-on training with her. I couldn't be more excited to go to summer camp.
I'll be taking a little time to develop my own Medical Intuition skills. The body and health really resonates with me right now, so I am delving in deep.  I am going to Maine to learn how to read where mental and emotional energy gets stuck in the body and how our emotions contribute to illnesses.  I really want to help my clients regain and maintain their energy, joy, and vitality.  I'm excited about the opportunity, and so is nurse Julie!
Mind your body until then!