What happens in Vegas....

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I have always been a slight rule bender, if not a rule breaker. You know that saying, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?" Well, guess what? That's not happening. I am totally breaking that rule! I am going to Vegas this month, and when I get back, I will be sharing with you everything that happened in Vegas.

Las Vegas may seem like an odd place to attend a Holistic Medicine Conference. Artificiality and hedonism aren't really simpatico with health and wellness. Nonetheless, that is where the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Conference is held. It hosts the one percent of the world's doctors who have given up traditional allopathic medicine because they were frustrated that their patients couldn't get well. Allopathic medicine is what dominates our modern day insurance-based medical care. It is a system of medical practice that aims to combat disease, or symptoms of disease, by the use of remedies such as drugs or surgery to produce certain effects.The doctors who attend the A4M Conference want to create a different system. They are meeting together to share information, to educate and to teach functional and integrative medicine that gets to the root cause of disease. This year they are even expanding into energy medicine.

Why am I so interested in health and the body? Because I am totally dependent on my body to do the work I do. I cannot take chemicals that alter my biological system. They throw my psychic and medium ability totally off. I need my gut to access my third chakra intuition, so taking anti-acids is out. I use my third eye to see psychically, so anti-depressants, pain pills and other brain altering prescriptions are impossible. I can't even take a cold, sinus or allergy pill because I won't be able to see and receive messages from spirit. That's why maintaining my health is so important to me. I need my body to function optimally! To continue my life as a psychic medium, I had to discover different ways to naturally take care of myself.

Believe me, I wasn't always like this. Eight years ago when I turned 40, I opened Karma. Next week marks my 48th birthday. I am turning 48, I am feeling great, and I want to celebrate! I am throwing a little party. I will announce on Friday night what I will be learning in Las Vegas! I can't wait to let you in on a huge health myth that I have recently discovered.