The Key to Life!

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April 2016 marks the Eighth Anniversary of Karma, and in October of this year, it will be the twelfth year since I became a Medium. What an amazing ride it has been. My faith in spirit has been renewed and validated over and over throughout the years. You sharing with me your stories, your loved ones in spirit, and your aspirations for the future has been a true joy to experience. I have had the privilege to witness so many of you step into your own spiritual power and align with your soul's path. It's really inspiring to watch.
When I became a medium twelve years ago, I really had no idea that it would lead me to Karma. People were curious about my story, about how I became a Medium, so I decided to be very public about it and open a place where people could explore the sixth sensory world. 
I was 40 when I opened Karma. It was a kind of birth into my next stage of life. I was physically done having children, but had lots of creative energy. Because the number 40 is symbolic for significant change and transformation, Karma was a re-birth so to speak. I was energetically ready, and Karma was a joy to create. In 2008 when I opened Karma, I felt on top of the world in mind, body and spirit! I was the healthiest I had ever been in my life. I believed my physicality would only get better because I had been preparing for turning 50 for the past thirty years.
Unfortunately, with each year that passed, I was more and more energetically and physically depleted. It felt like I was in a downward spiral on a cellular level, and I was sinking deeper and deeper. I had no idea what was wrong with me. I knew that being a Medium takes its toll on the body, so I wrote off my fatigue to my work. And I countered it with a lot of self-care. About a year ago, however, I realized I had been looking so far into my future that I completely missed my present. I had misdiagnosed my last seven years of hell.
It will sound strange, but I have been preparing for menopause and turning 50 since I was 20 years of age! I don't know if it was common for 20 year old females to think about menopause, but I sure did!  My mother is exactly thirty years older than I am. She and her girlfriends hit menopause when I was in my twenties. I watched all their physical changes take place, and the complete chaos in their minds. They had hot flashes, night sweats, cold hands and feet. They had skin and digestion issues. Some lost hair, others had constant dry eyes, and for some, even their teeth fell out. 
All of my friends and I, the daughters of these menopausal women, experienced their mood swings, anxiety, crying, and depression. It was as confusing to us as it was to them. When women get together they talk about anything and everything, and I was front and center during their menopausal horror stories. They didn't know what was happening to their bodies. They didn't feel like themselves and struggled with low energy and fatigue. Their bellies started to accumulate fat in spite of whatever diet they tried. These poor women shared stories of body aches, joint pains and sleepless nights.  The one that confused me the most was they complained about vaginal dryness and spoke of sex being too painful to bear. I wondered to myself how and why did the vagina dry up? It was seriously perplexing to me in a 20 year old female body.
As women naturally do, these ladies made the best of everything!  They laughed at their own misery, often joking about their brain fog and memory loss. The more they laughed, the more they peed their pants. A little incontinence was to be expected at this phase of life. It was like they had a secret language only they understood. I watched them send each other love and support with cards, gifts and mementos.  I consciously started preparing for menopause in my twenties. I took notes and began making significant mental, nutritional, and physical improvements in preparation for menopause in my fifties.
The problem with that, I see now, I was focusing so far out in the future that I missed my present. I was completely oblivious and knew nothing about the 10 -15 years prior to Menopause, that period is known as Perimenopause.  For the past seven years I have been in Perimenopause hell, and had no clue what was wrong with me. I kept telling myself it was the toll I had to pay for being a Psychic Medium.  I just accepted my physical state as work-related.  I now realize it had nothing to do with me being a Psychic Medium, and everything to do with female hormones.   
I have learned a lot in the past year about what was happening to my body, and what's happening in the current approaches to women's health care.  What I learned is downright shocking! I had no idea what was physically and hormonally happening to me, and neither do millions of other women. Even more disturbing is that most of our doctors don't even know!
After seven years of energetic hell, I actually have health.  I see the bigger picture and I will not sit back and watch women unknowingly suffer any longer without sharing my truth. In the past twelve months I have discovered many myths about women's bodies and some major misdiagnoses regarding their health care. Because of it I am making some significant changes in my practice I am excited to share it with you soon.  
I am going to be blogging about what I have learned, my friends stories, and all the signs I missed along the way, so you or someone you love can be spared the suffering. Spirit literally sent me a key to life's mystery.  The missing piece of the puzzle thatcompletes the picture for me.  A very human aspect that effects all of our lives. I am going to be candid and controversial, and some of my comments and insights will be downright shocking to read. 
Everything I have been struggling to understand in the last thirty years makes since now. And it doesn't feel right just to keep it to myself. Expect to see some exciting changes and announcements in your inbox soon.  Keep following my Blog and check Karma's Classes and Events for new information and opportunities to learn. 
I'm 48 and finally feeling great! I look forward to celebrating a new journey with you! For the past twelve years I have been focused on the dead.  Now I think it's time to use my abilities and talents to help the living!