What's Your Vibe?

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As a psychic-medium, I pretty much see life as a vibration.  Of course, everything in our world is just a vibe. The visible and invisible world, our bodies, our minds, our  environment, are all just frequencies. Frequency is the measurable rate of electrical energy between any two points. Everything in life has a frequency. The human brain measured in MHZ (megahertz) is 72-90 MHZ. Our core organs are 70 MHZ. So you can have something to compare it to and put it into context, cold symptoms are 58 MHZ and flu symptoms are 57 MHZ. Cancer's vibrational frequency is 42 MHZ and death begins at 25 MHZ. Notice that as the megahertz goes down, so does the quality of life and the health of the body! What can you do about that? Up your megahertz! 

Three of the best ways to do that is with fresh foods, herbs, and essential oils. Those three things are true miracles to the body.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are 70-90 MHZ. Herbs are 20-30 MHZ and essential oils range from 50 MHZ to a whopping 320 MHZ!  Rose essential oil has the highest frequency at 320 MHZ. Smelling and wearing the essential oil of a rose raises your vibe big timeThat's why it's a favorite of mine, and a staple at Karma!

There's more! Positive thoughts raise your frequency by 10 MHZ. Prayer and meditation raise it by 15 MHZ. On the flip side, negative thoughts lower your frequency by 12 MHZ. The very worst for your vibe is processed and canned foods. They provide 0 MHZ.

Life is just a vibe! Eat well, think well, and be well! Oh, and go out and smell the roses!