It's In The Cards

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I often say, "If someone told my in my twenties what I would be doing in my forties as my profession, I would have said they were on drugs!"  No way could my twenty year old self wrap her head around the idea.  One of those things, in particular, I could never imagine is reading Tarot Cards.  I knew absolutely nothing about Tarot when I started and frankly I was a little scared of them.  Many people feel like that.  Back then, I had never even had a Tarot Reading.  I started reading cards because renowned Psychic Medium John Edward recommended if you want to become a Medium pick a psychic tool and learn to work with that first. He read the Tarot Cards while he was developing if it was good enough for him it was good enough for me.  The Tarot Cards were part of  my journey to become a Medium.  I picked up the cards and began to learn and love them ever since.

What I came to discover was that the messages of the cards are universal and very beneficial to anyone open to insight from them.  The cards not only cover the big questions of our souls evolution, but also deal with our human side of life. Our relationships, our material world, our thoughts and our physical work and home life; it's all in there.  I have been told by my clients that one Tarot Reading is equal to six months of "talk" therapy.  The cards get right to the point and I love that they are such a good visual for people.  

Tarot is a universal language.  With a card like the Lovers, we don't have to speak the same language to understand love or what that card means.  The Devil card, which everyone fears, is how Tarot communicates across cultures to let you know, "You are stuck in a rut. You are bonded or restricted and your life feels like hell right now."  Hey, it happens and these are all just phases of the souls journey so keep moving and enjoy the journey!