Kardashian Love!

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What does a Psychic do to check out and relax? Watch reality TV!

I know that might not sound too enlightened, but I tell myself it's how I keep in touch with reality. Keeping Up With The Kardashians is a show I have followed from its beginning. Watching their reality fascinates me! I figured their father, Robert Kardashian, a well know lawyer and mogul in the entertainment industry, must have pulled some strings when he got to Heaven to make his children so famous (as critics say) for doing nothing. It wasn't until this month that I recognized the bigger purpose of the Kardashian phenomenon. They are here to teach unconditional LOVE. Yep, I said the Kardashians are role-modeling LOVE for the world to witness as their living father figure, Bruce Jenner, shares his transgender story. The Kardashian's public love and support for him will influence how the world thinks and feels about transgender people.

Does this herald the beginning of the next chakra shift? I wonder. Are we moving into our 6th chakra, the chakra that governs vision, perception and how we see reality? Years ago I was told by someone that human kind has been evolving up through the charka system. Since year 2000, we have been operating from our 5th chakra, our throat chakra that governs communication. Think of the human body much like a computer: spirit is downloading from above, and we are about 75% complete. When we reach 100%, we will be fully conscious and enlightened human beings, and we will all get along.

For thousands of years human kind was stuck in the root chakra. The 1st chakra has to do with the survival aspects of our life: shelter, food, security, and protection. After the turn of the century, and in the 1950's with medical advancements and the industrialization of food, we were able to move out of the root chakra of survival. We have been advancing up the chakra system on the average of about one decade a chakra since then. During the 60's, we moved into our sacral chakra, the 2nd one. It governs our sexuality, emotions, and also creativity. In the 80's, we shifted into our solar plexus chakra, the 3rd one, that runs personal power and confidence. These were the Reagan years when corporations and big business took power. The 80's were all about power and control showing strong images of women with big hair and shoulder pads all over the TV. The Dynasty days! The 90's ushered in the Genexrs. This was the heart chakra generation that had to remind our EGO's to be more conscious. They sang sad songs about atrocities to our fellow mankind and planet. At the turn of this century, we moved into the 5th chakra. It governs communication, and so we have the Internet and smart phone age.

Well, I wonder if we may be shifting! Something an expert in the hormone field told me recently has really stuck with me. It was that soon we will see transgender children increase in rates like we have witnessed with autism in the last twenty years. The 6th chakra is all about vision, perception, and how we see reality. The Kardashian's accepting response to Bruce Jenner's transgender preference is setting a tone for the entire country and world. They've set a tone of love, compassion, and support for anyone who is born feeling different in their skin.

I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised seeing something so evolved on Reality TV!