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I just skipped it.  For the first time in seven years, I didn't send out Karma's monthly eblast. Maybe you noticed or not? I was going to write about how I have seen an increase in men trending to the psychic side of life.  Ninety-nine percent of my clientele is female, so any increase in men is noticeable. But then I just skipped doing it.  Like a period, I missed it. To be honest, my monthly eblast for the last seven years has felt like a menstrual cycle. It happens every month whether I want it or not. Sometimes it sneaks up on me. Sometimes writing the eblast is hard and exhausting like a heavy period.  Sometimes is just flows perfectly and easily like a light month. I didn't write about men in March; I just skipped it.  With April marking Karma's 7th year in business, I am remaining loyal to who has been here from the very beginning, and that is women! I am the mother of three sons, and I love men, but I'm a female, and I take you women on my personal journeys each month. So here we go!

Even though I have been a female for 47 years, I just got a reality check that I don't know as much about being female as I thought I did. I am still learning. For instance, I just learned I am in Perimenopause.  I have known for a few years now something was not quite right with me, but I didn't know what.  I opened my business at 40, so the first few years I thought I just had fatigue a new business and three kids.  I had random symptoms that would come and go.  Super cold hands and feet, and the inability to regulate my body temperature, yet my thyroid was ok. Night sweats for weeks, then nothing for months?  The one aspect I could not seem to improve was my energy level. I tried juicing, exercise, meditation, sauna, yoga, earthing, positive thought.  No matter what I did, and I was trying it all, I was still drained.  I am a woman who believes life is a vibe, and I should be able to "vibrate above it" as I tell my students. 

Throughout each year I felt like I had less and less energy. In fact, sometimes I felt like I was dying!  I still had periods so I knew I wasn't in menopause. I was very aware of menopause because of the horror stories women had shared with me throughout the years.  What they described wasn't what was going on with me. I wasn't experiencing menopause, but I had no idea about this whole Perimenopause stage. I had been writing the fatigue off as a "Psychic-Medium side effect!" I learned early that my psychic work is taxing on the body. Since I turned forty, I have taken uber-good care of myself. I don't see that as selfish at all.  I see it as self-care and recently more like self-preservation!  A simple task like grocery shopping could put me in an energy spiral and depletion. The physical exhaustion it would create was equivalent to having gone out and chased and hunted my food for a week and then dragged it back home.  Forget about putting the groceries away or cooking after that monumental event because I had to go to bed.  My sons had to step-up or starve. For a long time I thought I must be "too enlightened" for grocery shopping now, and that's why it exhausted me. I mean does the Pope or Dalai Lama grocery shop?  It turns out, I am not too enlightened to grocery shop! My fatigue and exhaustion were a result of being in perimenopause.  That can begin as early as 35.

I see women run themselves into the ground and not be able to put themselves first.  I needed my body to perform and receive messages, and with only so much energy available, I had to drastically prioritize. It was one thing when I thought the fatigue was worth it to help people. Then finding out it wasn't my psychic career that has been draining my life force energy, but something called perimenopause, was a real eye-opener. I had no idea. My pituitary gland and the hypothalamus in my brain were over stressed from the decrease in estrogen supply and wreaking havoc on my whole energy system. Estrogen effects your brain and so much more!  I am exploring the next phase of life and looking at bio-identical hormones. Oprah hit the hormone wall in 2009. I guess I missed that show.

Experts say the future of women's health is women will start monitoring their hormone levels as early as 25. Our hormones are connected to everything. It is still a confusing and controversial hormone-world right now, because we are charting new territory in women's health, never in history have women lived as long as they do today.  The way I felt somedays, I would have gladly rolled over and died at 40!   (I knew I could stalk my kids from the other side!)  I didn't know how I could make it to 80.  Perimenopause is a serious issue that faces women today.  So ladies, explore your options and ask questions; educate yourself.  Being a woman who doesn't trust in western medicine and believes in energy and vibration over anything else, I am humbled, and bow to Mother Nature, my body, my brain, and their delicate divine balance. When Momma isn't happy no one is happy!