Once upon a time....

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Do you speak chakra?  If not, you may want to, especially if you want to become more psychic and in tune with your own intuition.

To my surprise the key to unlocking my psychic ability was in the chakras. In order to be in tune with my own spirit and the spirit of others, I had to learn about the chakras and how to cleanse and clear them. That makes us lighter and more like
who we were when we came here. Not so bogged down with all the human experiences we have encountered along the way. 

The years of accumulation can weigh on us and slow us down. Because we're just energy, we can learn to lighten our load. Think of it this way:  it would be like if you never cleaned out or deleted your emails. You'd have years and years of emails and spam sitting your in box.  Each chakra is an in-box, taking in the molecules of emotions and feelings of any given moment. Your chakras correlate with love, sex, survival, confidence, or communication. The energy connected to an experience lands in a particular chakra. When they get full, the body starts to feel it. If your chakras are out of balance for an extended period, you and your physical body will feel it. Learn to cleanse and clear your chakra's.  It's good for your health!