Psychic Attack

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I think the reality TV show idea has gone to my head!  I am now doing Karmic Makeover readings on the spot!  Sure I probably seem like a crazy woman, but if Long Island Medium can channel spirit in public, I can channel Chi!  I reached out to an owner of one of my favorite local businesses. Because I couldn’t take looking at one of the fake plants anymore, I just had to say something.  The yucky thing was by the back door of the business.  I knew that sad, pathetic silk plant was not helping the chi of her business! It wasn’t saying anything good!  I saw that she had a great spot of for a large, live, ficus tree.  Something that would ground the business and protect the back part of her business. The real plant would provide strength, stability and new growth, with each leaf representing customers.  Plants say a lot about the energy of the space.  She would actually be able to watch the success of her business via the ficus tree.  If it is healthy and happy, then things are good. If the leaves turn brown and fall off, she needs to be investigating into her business. 

Because I liked the business and wanted it to be successful, yes, I offered my services as a gift! I could foresee m
uch improvement with just a few small changes. The owner listened to me politely, but she hasn’t taken me up on my offer yet.  And because my imaginary show is not called Psychic Attack or Psychic Crashers, I just have to let it go!

I not only see the obvious Feng Shui issues, like move a piece of furniture here, or paint that wall a particular color. There is another layer underneath the surface.  I look at and listen to the subtle energies in the space as well.  For instance, what are the underlying emotions or feelings in the home?  If the home has water issues, leaks, clogs, or drips, it means there are emotional issues that need attention. Water equals emotions so I would look for the underlying emotional issues of the home and owner.  Grief, sadness, and possibly loss. 

Electrical issues, like sparks, can represent tempers or anger.  So getting to the bottom of the hot button is a must. When congestion and clutter are apparent, that means someone is insulating or needs protection. Or even that life is being kept out.  I don’t mean to ease drop, but what can I say, spaces speak to me!  

One thing I have learned over the years is that until a homeowner is mentally, emotionally and physically ready to move things around or remove them, nothing changes.  I have seen it all and have heard all the excuses.  One client had a slow drip in the kitchen faucet. Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, I suggested fixing it right away. A lot of wasted emotional energy was going down the drain.  My client had just gone through a divorce and gave excuse after excuse.  Not enough money, a friend failed to fix it, and my client didn’t want to bother the landlord.  For the next two or three years, the faucet continued to drip.  I persisted and pointed out the wasted water and that prosperity was going down the drain. My client put a bucket in the kitchen sink to collect the water, and then used it for watering plants and cleaning. This was really resourceful and symbolic for their healing process. Suddenly a miracle happened. My client fixed the faucet!  It was replaced like it was no big deal.  Nine months later with the emotional well dried up, my client is happily moving forward, even dating!  The future looks promising!

I once worked with a couple whose marriage looked perfect.  I found a small gas leak in the kitchen stove.  I said that it needed to be addressed immediately.  It was a big red flag telling me that deep underneath the surface of their marriage was a ticking time bomb.  They confirmed that they were having marital problems, but weren’t dealing with them.  And they were both ready to explode inside.  I checked in six months later, and the gas was still leaking. They blamed each other for not getting it fixed.  I finally had to be blunt and said, “Look, your gas leak is symbolic of the marriage, and if you don’t fix it, your marriage is going to blow up.”  They laughed and finally understood exactly what I meant.  They fixed the leak. They now have less fighting and have even planned a vacation. 

I can see the problems and the changes that need to occur, no problem.  Yet like the business owner in the beginning, many people are just not ready to make the connection between the energy in their spaces and the energy in their lives. So I’m on a mission. Don’t be surprised if you see me at Starbucks moving their plants around!!