Or Better!

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One of my clients stopped by Karma to tell me her "or better" showed up! So many times my clients get fixated on wanting one certain person for a relationship. At that moment they cannot think of life without this certain someone. Even when I give a reading that clearly shows the relationship is seriously on the rocks or sometimes even non-existent, they can't accept it. And if I dare mention that the cards indicate someone else is out there for them, they cringe and reject the message. They refuse to hear it. So I ask for the name of the person they are so in love with. Just for an example, let's pretend his name is Paul. Then I tell her that the mantra or prayer she must say to the universe is, "Paul or better!" This makes for a win-win. She will either get Paul, or someone better! Now she is at least open to my message at the time.

Well, as it turns out, she didn't get Paul, but she got "better!" Two years later she is glad she asked for "better." The man she ended up with is much, much better!

This concept goes beyond relationships. Ask for this job or better, this house/apartment or better, this class/teacher or better. This car or better. That doctor or better. And when something you thought you really wanted doesn't manifest, you can relax and be assured that something better is on its way to you. That is how the universe works. We just have to trust in that "or better" part until then!