Making a list

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Santa isn't the only one who keeps a naughty and nice list. I keep one because there are a lot of bad psychics out there! You would not believe the horror stories I hear from clients. How some psychics use fear to extort more money by telling people they have a spell on them, or have brought in some bad Karma from a past life, but luckily, for five hundred dollars or more, that psychic can remove the negativity or spell.  Even worse, I know of a young woman who paid a psychic thousands of dollars to bring her a soul mate! Of course, that magic someone never appeared; the young woman was still single when she came in to see me. She could have paid for a wedding with the money she spent!

Let's be clear. if a psychic says anything like these scenarios to you, run out the door as fast as you can!

I have a name for those fear-based psychics: gypsies. And they are everywhere! Often they were raised learning methods of getting more money. They learned these business practices from their mothers and grandmothers.  These generational shady psychics often work out of their homes usually set off by flashing neon sign, a hand, a crystal ball, maybe some stars. Easily visible from the street! These gypsy psychics can be gifted, no doubt about it. But they have a different set of ethics. You have to use your head and your gut, and get out of there if it doesn't feel right. Asking for more money to heal you, to find your love mate, to help you get rich just isn’t right.

After a reading with a psychic, you should feel better, having less fear and more certainty. A psychic should never do the work for you, but should give you suggestions about how you can find what you are looking for. Maybe it’s a certain book, or CD or video. Possibly taking a class or a retreat. Or situations to create or avoid. Although psychics do get a sense about things, essentially they should be giving you support on whatever you need. Trust and comfort are keys to successfully working with any psychic. 

I hope Santa is keeping track, and that those naughty gypsies get coal in their stockings!  My Christmas wish for you is a warm and happy holiday season. May Santa bring you everything you desire in the New Year!