Do You Believe In Angels?

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Although there is much disagreement between religions and religious organizations, I have found one commonality among them all: Angels! BUDDHISTS, CATHOLICS, EASTERN ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS, HINDUS, MUSLIMS, JEWS, MORMONS, INDIGENOUS PEOPLES, and PROTESTANT CHRISTIANS share a common belief in Angels. They may call them by different names, but the story is the same. Angels exist and are messengers of God or a Higher Power. A 2011 American AP poll revealed that 8 out of 10 Americans believe in angelic beings. Therefore, seventy-seven percent of adults in America believe in Angels. That's significant when it seems we struggle to agree on anything in our country.

Do you believe in Angels? I do!

I am not an expert on Angels, but I've experienced their presence and ask for their assistance regularly. We each have a guardian angel, and we have access to angelic ministers that assist and support us at any time. However, they need to be asked. You need to actively invite them in to assist you. Most people forget or don't want to bother them. Believe me, you are not bothering them. They are right there and waiting for you.

In an emergency, they will intervene on your behalf. I know a lot of you have your angel intervention stories. But why wait for an emergency to use an angel? I send Angels with my boys to school. It's tough out there for teens, and they need all the support they can get. I ask the angels to watch the house and protect the cars. I ask the angels to surround all my sons' sports teams. Football Angels for everyone!

Then there are the Archangels like Michael and Gabriel. The Archangels are at the top of the hierarchy in the angel world, and they are in charge of different things here on earth. Archangel Michael, for instance, is the patron angel for Police Officers. He is the guardian of guardians, a protector, and leader of all guardian angels. When in meditation and working with Michael, people see the color purple. I always ask for Michael's assistance when I go to smudge and clear a house. He's very powerful!

During one of the nights I was sitting with my father while he was on hospice care, I asked for the Archangels to come into the room and give Dad comfort and assistance. I looked up and saw a beautiful reflection from the lamp above his bed. It looked like angel's wings. I smiled to myself, grabbed my phone, and snapped some pics. When I looked at the photos later, I discovered a green orb. The fact that the orb shifted position in each photo made me even happier. Archangel Raphael is the Angel of healing and the sick. His color is green. Could it have been just a dust particle floating in those photos, or could it possibly have been a sign of Raphael's presence in the room as he helped my dad? I know which one I choose to believe!  May your 2015 be filled with Angels!