Do you want to live to 100?

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Last month I learned so much at the Alternative Medicine/Anti-Aging Conference in Las Vegas. I am not exploring anti-aging medicine for vanity or because I want to live to be a 100 years old. There are a lot of people, however, who love being alive and do want to reach the 100 year mark, at least. Good for them, but that's not why I am researching this material. Being a Medium means I am more than ok with death, and some days it would feel like a welcome relief to get off this rock! I spend a majority of my day and life with dead people already. Sometimes more with them than the living. Death to me means no stress and no bills. I can see what they are doing on the other side. Believe me when I say, “They are having fun!" So why am I exploring the Anti-Aging world if not for vanity or longevity? It has to do with the quality of my life and how my body feels while I am here. I am exploring how to keep my body optimized and really feeling great while I am still physically on planet Earth doing my thing. In case you do want to live to be a 100, here are the qualities of those people who have.

22 Psychological Features of Centenarians
  1. The will to live and the courage to grow old
  2. Adaptability
  3. Sense of purpose
  4. Remain active
  5. Positive attitude
  6. Avoid excessive stress and anxiety
  7. Better attitudes to stress
  8. Self-determination
  9. A good mental status
  10. Intelligence and education
  11. Promote social contacts
  12. Love and relationships
  13. Sexual activity
  14. Close to family life
  15. Feeling of freedom
  16. Centenarian spirit
  17. Feeling of not being old 
  18. Religious faith and spirituality
  19. Legacy of basic values and beliefs
  20. A well-balanced work rhythm
  21. A well-balanced sleep wake cycle
  22. Satisfying sleep